WP5: Dissemination of project results and contribution to a website for capacity building and transfer of know-how in radiation protection


The aim of this WP is to contribute to a website that will

  • provide an electronic platform where all relevant information about E&T in radiation protection can be found
  • increase awareness and visibility of existing E&T resources for RP, thereby also providing a better understanding on where and which education and training measures are currently missing;
  • enable access to learning materials and useful information around E&T in radiation protection, providing support to E&T providers and enabling them to improve the quality and increase the availability of training courses;
  • combine all relevant available information regarding E&T in RP, currently spread over different carriers, and offer them to the stakeholders in one coherent way with one tool.

Description of Work

This WP aims at installing a knowledge/document management system in order to preserve the vast amount of results that are already produced in past related projects and in this ENETRAP III. It also aims at bringing together the information that is currently spread over several websites and other carriers such as databases, CD-ROMs, paper documents, …  In this way it not only increases the efficiency of RP initiatives but also provides access to a vast amount of knowledge and opens the door for new opportunities.

The main deliverable of this WP will be a website containing all relevant information on E&T in radiation protection. It will demonstrate a web-based document management system where training providers can make their training material available. In this way, the website aims at being the complete and main source of information for E&T matter in radiation protection, including legal requirements, national approaches, European E&T standards and requirements, course material, course organisations, etc… In order to make efficient use of resources and to reach an optimal result, ENETRAP III will collaborate with the EUTERP Foundation that has already an operational radiation protection website, which will serve as a basis for this electronic platform. This website will also increase the transparency in capacity building on RP, will facilitate the access to available E&T material and foreseen course events, and will improve the coordination between the different institutions involved in capacity building.

In this way, ENETRAP III meets the advice given at the ENETRAP II Advisory Board meeting of January 2012, where it was stated that the current spread of relevant material and information hinders an efficient use of available resources. Gathering all important background information, data and ideas, and making them available (taking into account IPR and copyright notices) in an easy accessible way, will benefit the future developments in E&T and thus contribute to better development of courses, increasing competences of workers and leading to improved radiation protection practices.

ENETRAP III recognizes the importance of the sustainability of the valuable information that is gathered on this portal. Setting up this WP with the EUTERP Foundation guarantees the sustainability of this deliverable.

Towards the end of the project (second half of the project), the obtained project results will be presented and potential future initiatives could be identified at an open workshop involving all parties concerned.


D 5.1   Report on website structure, requisites and functional analysis
D 5.2   Set up website structure and launch
D 5.3   Organisation of an open project workshop