WP1: Project coordination


The first WP of ENETRAP III deals with the project coordination, defining and monitoring the succes criteria of the project and overlooking the overall progress of the project according to the Annex I Description of Work.

Description of Work

This WP typically involves tasks such as organising the kick-off meeting, establishing a Steering Committee (SC) (normally consisting of one representative of the WP leaders; the SC will assist the Coordinator with the follow-up of the project, will propose improvements for an efficient and effective carrying out of the project and will guarantee information exchange between the project participants), coordinating the SC and Project Committee (PC) meetings and producing all project reporting such as

  • Preparing the agenda of the kick-off, SC meetings and PC meetings
  • Writing the minutes of the kick-off, SC meetings and PC meetings
  • Setting up a Consortium Agreement
  • Writing the Project Presentation
  • Writing the Communication Action Plan
  • Writing the periodic and final project reports, based on the input from the WP leaders of ENETRAP III
  • Report on the distribution of the Community financial contribution between beneficiaries

The project coordination will also establish and monitor the success criteria for the project and will take initiatives to guarantee the economic sustainability of the ENETRAP III initiatives through EUTERP.

Within this WP1, also a project website will be set up within three months after the start of the project.


D 1.1   Organising kick-off and subsequent Steering Committee and Project Committee  meetings, preparing the agenda and writing the minutes of the meetings
D 1.2   Establishment of a Steering Committee and describing the working programme (= tasks of the SC, composition and setting up meeting schedule)
D 1.3   Setting up a Consortium Agreement
D 1.4   Writing the Project Presentation
D 1.5   Writing the Communication Action Plan
D 1.6   Project reporting: intermediate project report, final report, …
D 1.7   Launch of project website