ENETRAP Train-the-Trainer course

A course designed for trainers who have to instruct and coach Radiation Protection Experts (RPEs) and/or Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs). It aims to provide various and innovative teaching methods and introduce the ECVET approaches.

The TTT course will consist of a one week face-to-face session, organised on October 9 - 13, 2017 (FR edition) in Saclay, France.

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CEA-INSTN, Saclay, France

Course objectives 

Successful participants will develop knowledge, skills and competencies in radiation protection training for RPEs and RPOs using the ECVET methodology.
In addition, they will be introduced to innovative training practices focused on interactive learning, in particular through immersive learning scenarios developed for the field of radiation protection (industry, research and medical), but which can be applied to other areas of nuclear as well. The training course consists of a one-week face-to-face session. This session includes lectures, workshops, technical visits and role-plays in order to provide participants with relevant and practical learning experiences

Course programme

 Day 1 Welcome and introduction to the training session
ECVET approach: presentation, discussion and workshops
 Day 2

ECVET approach: group workshop
The fundamentals of training for adults
Practical Case Studies

 Day 3 Teaching tools case study: dose calculation software
DOSEO technology platform: group workshop

 Day 4 Simulations and practical exercises: detection and measurement
Performance excercise: Prepare a training session

 Day 5 Teaching practice: deliver a training session to a specialised audience

 of the ENETRAP courses.

Organisers and lecturers

  • Floriane Marcuccini, CEA INSTN, Education and Training Expert 
  • Paul Livolsi, CEA INSTN, Deputy director of radiation protection programme
  • Philippe Massiot, CEA INSTN, Course manager in radiation protection
  • Michèle Coeck, SCK•CEN, Head of the SCK•CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Tom Clarijs, SCK•CEN, Project collaborator
  • PHE
  • IST-ID
  • BME

Entry requirements and who should attend 
This training session is suitable for all radiation protection professionals in all sectors, in their capacity as lecturer or trainer.
Participants should be very familiar with the role and duties of an RPE and/or RPO.

TTT course: October 9 - 13, 2017 (FR edition)

INSTN – National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology
CEA Saclay
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France
CEA Saclay research center is located 20 km south west of Paris

Course fees and expenses

  • Funding has been provided for this pilot session - a special course fee of € 500 per person (VAT included) has been set for this session only.
  • Cost of accommodation, travel and meals are at the expense of each participant.
  • Accommodation near the training venue: Participants are invited to book their own accomodation. A list of hotels in Paris or near
    INSTN facilities is available upon request.

Contact & registration

Registration link 

Applications by post must be sent to: 

National Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN)
Mrs. Corinne Carreaux
Tel.: +33 169 08 25 02
Email: corinne.carreaux[at]cea.fr

Ms. Floriane Marcuccini
Tel.: +33 4 38 78 12 54
Fax: +33 4 38 78 51 01
Email: floriane.marcuccini[at]cea.fr

and must contain the following information: Last name, first name, institution, adress, country, email, telephone, education level (e.g. BSc or MSc), educational institution, short description of your job regarding E&T in RP or other topics. (see registration form on the flyer)

Further information (registration form, access map, hotels list...) is available on the web site of CEA-INSTN